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Steel Doors

Enhance your security with robust steel doors



Climador has an insulated leaf that gives superb strength, durability and excellent thermal properties. An integrated EPDM rubber seal to all three sides of the frame and threshold increases the doors resistance to wind and water and helps it to maintain an excellent U-value as low as 1.4 W/m2K.



With PAS 24 security and PAS 23 weather test ratings and superior security features, even in its most basic specification, Steeldor is a formidable product. Add to that a host of compatible features and options that are available on request, it becomes easy to understand why we supply so many.



Air-tight and gas-tight, Gasdor is ideally suited to locations where people or products require protection from gases or air. These could include storage areas, machine rooms, filler house and unit air conditioners. Every door produced is customer specific.



Keeping sound out, or stopping it escaping, with certified noise reduction from 41db to 56db, whatever acoustic challenge you are faced with, there is an Acoustidor to meet your needs. Recording studios, generator rooms, cinemas, nightclubs or churches, Acoustidor is the perfect solution to noise control challenges.



Glassdor is ideally suited for use on entrance doors, shop fronts, showrooms, reception areas and interior partitions. It can be security rated to RC3 and in areas where fire risk may be a concern, it is smoke resistant and can also be supplied with a fire rating to EIS30 and EIS60.



If the worst happens and fire breaks out, then seconds can make a huge difference. Independently tested and certified, Firedor has all the versatility and durability that you would expect from a Strongdor steel door, plus an impressive full four hour fire test rating.



Tested to provide maximum protection in life threatening situations, even usual weak spots such as door seams, sills, closures and locks have passed the ultimate test. Where threat reduction an important aspect of building design, Ballistidor protects.



Tested in accordance with EN1627, Securidor is perfect for applications such as banks, data centres, and any place that a higher level of security is required. A range of hardware is available and the doors can be finished in a full range of RAL colours.


Don’t just take our word for it


On the Day of the work being carried out Amberley Security arrived on time and got straight to work, before they finish they checked the setup and that I was happy , making some changes I asked for . Excellent work

Peter Clegg

The whole process from initial inquiry advice, ordering, the installation and after-sales service was professionally handled and I am very pleased with all aspects.

John Mills

Would definitely recommend these guys for all kinds of alarms or cctv work – they definitely know their stuff and they never tried to oversell anything, quite the opposite in fact! Great, thanks very much 🙂

Matt Valentine

I’d just like to say you did a great job with my door bell and cameras. A few neighbours had break ins last night and they left us alone.

Kevin Joss

An excellent service the team ensured all was as I wanted . They were attentive and all completed as promised a real five star service.

Simon Lansley

I was very pleased with the standard of the installation, and now I feel so much safer, knowing I can see who is at my door before I open it.

Jennifer Rawlings

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