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Key Cutting

All types of keys cut

With over a dozen key cutting machines, there’s virtually no common key type that we can’t cut

Reliable service

Over 98½% of keys cut work first-time.

The widest range

Our workshop has the widest range of keyblanks in the area



We’ve been cutting keys for our customers since we first started in business, way back in 1927.

Technology has moved on since then, and we now have a workshop filled with the latest computer-aided keycutting equipment so we can cut virtually any key you need, while you wait.


Lock Suiting

Need a number of locks all with the same key? Or even that you want each lock to have its own key and a master to fit them all? Maybe even across different lock types?

No problem, our workshop can handle that.

Want To Know About Pricing?


The first question we get asked is how much it costs

And of course, there’s not a single answer to that question.

But we want to be as transparent with our clients as we can be, so we’ll give you an idea.

Price depends on 2 things:-

For a normal front door key, the more popular a key is, the more blanks we buy, so we buy at a better price and therefore we can keep our prices down to you.


The very popular front door keys (commonly known as Yale keys) cost £6 each, or if you buy three of a kind, then it’s £15.

For slightly rarer keys, they’ll be £7 and for much rarer types, £8. Again, the three of a kind saving is available.

Mortice keys start at £8 each (three-of-a-kind offer is availabl on the very popular types)

Then you start getting complex. A dimple key for instance, will cost around £19, and a Magnum key (the type with dimples and a laser-track) will be £25.

We’ve probably not answered every single price query there is, so feel free to contact us and ask (and photos will DEFINITELY help!)


Don’t just take our word for it


On the Day of the work being carried out Amberley Security arrived on time and got straight to work, before they finish they checked the setup and that I was happy , making some changes I asked for . Excellent work

Peter Clegg

The whole process from initial inquiry advice, ordering, the installation and after-sales service was professionally handled and I am very pleased with all aspects.

John Mills

Would definitely recommend these guys for all kinds of alarms or cctv work – they definitely know their stuff and they never tried to oversell anything, quite the opposite in fact! Great, thanks very much 🙂

Matt Valentine

I’d just like to say you did a great job with my door bell and cameras. A few neighbours had break ins last night and they left us alone.

Kevin Joss

An excellent service the team ensured all was as I wanted . They were attentive and all completed as promised a real five star service.

Simon Lansley

I was very pleased with the standard of the installation, and now I feel so much safer, knowing I can see who is at my door before I open it.

Jennifer Rawlings

What You Get For Your Money

Top quality materials

We don’t cut corners when it comes to parts. It’s got to be good enough that not only are we happy to recommend it to you, but we love it so much, we use it ourselves.

Wherever possible, we use steel key blanks — steel is a harder material, so it doesn’t wear as quickly, and lasts longer.

Top quality workmanship

We don’t cut corners with workmanship either.

Our installations team are expert and each of our individuals is vital to our success.

Top quality aftercare

Who we are and what we stand for is at the heart of our aftercare — making sure your system functions the way it needs to, for you, your family and your needs.

We will provide answers to all the questions you have, and will tweak the system so it perfectly fits your expectations.

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Get in Touch

For further information about Amberley Security, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always happy to help.