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Smart Homes

The Smartest Alarm System On The Planet.
Protect your family, home & possessions with the very latest security technology.

Home Security

Having a security system instantly creates peace of mind for you and your family. It’s no surprise that 81% of burglars are put off burgling a house protected by an alarm. Cameras, locks and alarms working together to protect you.

Home Safety

Be instantly alerted to smoke, carbon monoxide and water leaks, helping you save your property and, more importantly, your lives.

Home Style

Save money by automatically adjusting your thermostat & turning off lights when you’re away from home. Save hassle when you return home by automatically unlocking your door.

Make the Joneses keep up with you, with the latest home security & automation system.

Your home is unique. Even where next door might have the same layout, you have made it yours with your the way you live your lives and the possessions you own.

That’s why each Qolsys system is designed around you, and your individual needs and desires. We don’t tell you what you want, you tell us what you need, and we make it happen for you.

Your Qolsys panel works just like a smartphone, with taps and swipes, you’ll intuitively know how it works, and if you want to control your home from different locations around the house, add additional remote screens and voice control smart-speakers wherever you need them.

Security & life-safety sensors are placed around the home to provide the information your system needs to protect you, and to control your lifestyle devices like thermostats and smart lighting.

Security. Safety. Style. With Qolsys


Take your home to the next level

Every time you change broadband provider, they send you a new router. And you then have to go around your home, reprogramming every single Wifi device.

That’s phones, laptops. tablets. Oh, and TVs, games consoles.


Smart speakers. Soundbars.

Vaccuum cleaners.

Do you need me to go on?

Oh, yeah. Smart home systems, too…

And then Qolsys Wifi 6 popped up. It links to your Qolsys IQ Panel 4, and your Alarm.com account, so you can control your Wifi via the app. It gives you three different networks. All your Qolsys and Smart Home devices get added to the “Security” network. Your phones, laptops, etc., are connected to the “Home” network. If a guest or other visitor needs access to your Wifi, you give them the details for the “Guest” network, so it keeps your devices invisible to them.

You can either replace your existing router, or plug the IQ Wifi 6 into the existing router, which makes set-up nice and easy.

And although coverage is massive (up to 1500 square feet) if you find there’s dead spots in your home, you can install a total of 8 of the devices as a mesh network

Want To Know About Pricing?

Smart Home systems are, by definition, very complex, and equally, bespoke to each individual home.

Systems start at around £1200, which would include the panel, and the basics of an alarm system — siren, a couple of detectors.

When you add in some cameras, a doorbell, a water valve, light bulbs, thermostat, then the price will be several thousand pounds.

You will also need to factor in that there is a monthly fee, which includes system maintenance and access to the alarm.com app. This starts at £18 per month, and again increases as you add extra devices and facilities to your system.


What’s included?

Your quotation is designed to be as easy to understand as possible.

It will start off with the main package that you’ve selected, then additional devices will be listed. At the bottom is the subtotal, then the VAT, and finally the total amount payable.

Our quotations include:-

  • All the equipment you need
  • Installation
  • VAT

When you buy an alarm system from Amberley Security, we take care of pretty much everything.

All you have to do is use it, and make sure it’s maintained.


Don’t just take our word for it


On the Day of the work being carried out Amberley Security arrived on time and got straight to work, before they finish they checked the setup and that I was happy , making some changes I asked for . Excellent work

Peter Clegg

The whole process from initial inquiry advice, ordering, the installation and after-sales service was professionally handled and I am very pleased with all aspects.

John Mills

Would definitely recommend these guys for all kinds of alarms or cctv work – they definitely know their stuff and they never tried to oversell anything, quite the opposite in fact! Great, thanks very much 🙂

Matt Valentine

I’d just like to say you did a great job with my door bell and cameras. A few neighbours had break ins last night and they left us alone.

Kevin Joss

An excellent service the team ensured all was as I wanted . They were attentive and all completed as promised a real five star service.

Simon Lansley

I was very pleased with the standard of the installation, and now I feel so much safer, knowing I can see who is at my door before I open it.

Jennifer Rawlings

What You Get For Your Money

Top quality equipment

We don’t cut corners when it comes to equipment. It’s got to be good enough that not only are we happy to recommend it to you, but we love it so much, we’d happily use it ourselves.

Top quality workmanship

We don’t cut corners with workmanship either.

Our installations team are expert across the whole range of disciplines, and each of our individuals is vital to our success.

And you can add to that our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee — if you ever find anything wrong with the way we have fitted something we supplied, we will put right that problem, however long it is since we fitted it.

Top quality aftercare

Who we are and what we stand for is at the heart of our aftercare — making sure your system functions the way it needs to, for you, your family and your needs.

We will provide answers to all the questions you have, and will tweak the system so it perfectly fits your expectations.

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