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Controlling your environment

The Dimmer Module

The Dimmer module sits in the light switch back box, so you don’t even see it. It calibrates itself upon installation, detecting the type of lights it’s working with (incandescent, flourescent, LED). All we ask is that it is only asked to control one type of lighting.

This smart module also measures how much electricity is being used by those lights, and reports back to the Home Center.


Lighting Module

The RGBW module controls 12v or 24v LED lighting strips. It can be programmed to display any colour.

But it’s cleverer than that. It can also be used to include any 0-10v analogue sensor in a system


Smart Home and Office Relay Module

The relay module controls pretty much any 240v electrical item that just needs to switch on and off, or indeed any other electrical item which needs a voltage free pulse through its onboard auxiliary contacts.

Available with a choice of single relay, controlling 2½KW or a dual relay controlling 1½KW per channel.


Remote Wall Plugs

The Wall Plug controls any plug-in appliance, whether it’s the iron, or hair dryer, or table lamps. Anything that’s just on or off.

It also feeds back to the Home Center, monitoring the power consumption of the appliance.