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If you’ve seen any of our social media posts this month, you will have spotted that it’s National Home Security Month at the moment. The aim of NHSM is to cause people to consider their home security measures.

And it always strikes me as strange that people don’t. I’ve seen the effects of a burglary, both physical and psychological, and it isn’t good.

It’s probably because people would far rather be thinking about happy things. Holidays. Tonight’s dinner. Children. A new mobile phone. That kind of thing.

Who wants to worry about being a victim?

And of course, people are certain that when they had their doors fitted, what was fitted was state-of-the-art, cutting edge, top-of-the-range security (probably because they were told so by the salesman). And of course, they got 2 or 3 quotes. And of course, they accepted the cheapest. And of course, the cheapest quote never cuts corners. (But that’s another story. Or quite possibly another blog post.)

And people become complacent.

But what was cutting edge security 20 years ago, just isn’t any more.

In 2007, a lowlife in Yorkshire came up with a devious way of breaking into houses. It’s a remarkably simple method. And what’s more, it’s so quick. And like all quick & simple things, others have adopted it. It’s now the most common method of burglary. There’s a link to a video showing you what happensĀ here.

Did you just watch it? If you didn’t, the jist is that the majority of double glazed doors can be broken open in 9.2 seconds. That’s how easy it is. 9.2 seconds before a burglar can go through your personal belongings, and steal your jewellery, your laptop, the kids’ piggy banks, your mobile phone, your games console, your car keys and therefore your car.

The average time a burglar spends inside the house is about 9 minutes.

Now, think about your life. How often do you just pop out for more than 9 minutes? Taking the dog for a walk? Taking the kids to football practice? Popping to Tescos for a pint of milk? You could easily be burgled in that time.

Yes, you, reading this article right now.

Yet complacency stops most people from even thinking about it.

If National Home Security Month can make just one person take steps to upgrade their security, and prevent a burglary, then it will have been a success.

Will that person be you? If you’d like it to be, then call us. Or if you’re complacent, then maybe don’t.

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