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A couple of years ago, we found a voucher deal for an annual pass to Thorpe Park – £25 per person. So we forked out for these for the whole family.

Off we went, and we’re queuing for Nemesis Inferno, when a group of older teen males came up the queue, with the obligatory “Scuse, cheers, nice one”

A few minutes later, we could hear something at the front of the queue. A bit of a kerfuffle seemed to be occurring. An altercation.

Shortly after, the same group of people were escorted back down the line by some larger people wearing shirts with “Security” emblazoned across the back, accompanied by some jeering.

Queue Jumpers!

You could feel the sense of righteous indignation welling up in the people around me. How dare these people feel that they have a right to get on the ride before all these other law-abiding people?

And I feel the same when I hear about a burglary. The householder has saved hard to buy their possessions, and some ne’erdowell has the temerity to think that they can just take it away, and have it for themselves, without having earnt it.

I feel that same level of indignation at the injustice.

That’s why I do what I do.

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