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Whenever you see cameras discussed, whether it be CCTV cameras or smartphone cameras, or any other type of digital camera, they always talk about megapixels, but what actually does all that mean? This video will explain all of that to you.

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If you’ve investigated cameras in any way, you’ll have come across the term megapixels. But what actually is or are megapixels? Well, each point of light, each color, each dot in an image is a pixel. Megapixels obviously means a million pixels.

So if you’ve got a camera that is rated at two megapixels, it means there are about 2 million individual dots, which form the picture.

And with five megapixels, then you have 5 million dots and eight megapixels, 8 million dots.

Two megapixels is roughly the same as high definition tv.

Eight megapixels is roughly the same as 4k Ultra high definition tv.

So therefore it stands to reason that five megapixels is somewhere in the middle. And as you’ll know with tv, high definition is good and Ultra high definition gives you a really clear picture, and it’s the same with CCTV. The higher the number of pixels, the better quality, the more high definition image that you’ve got.

There is a clip within the video above that illustrates that quite nicely.

There you have it. That’s an explanation of what megapixels means.


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