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I’m sorry if this post makes you feel uncomfortable.
And whilst it probably will, I’m also certain that you want to do anything you can to protect your home and family, and I’ve spent my whole working life helping people do that.
This piece of kit is called a cylinder snapper. It’s used to snap lock cylinders.
When social housing residents get locked out, the maintenance contractor comes along with one of these, snaps off the cylinder, a bit of extra fiddling about, and you’re in.
When you know about the extra fiddling about, it’s really easy – that’s why the maintenance people use this method.
And you can get them, on Ebay & Amazon. They aren’t that expensive.
Now, we as bona fide locksmiths have specialist suppliers for our tools. We would not buy this kind of thing from Ebay.
And yet there are half a dozen sellers on each website selling them. So, if not locksmiths, who is their target market? It doesn’t take a genius to work it out.
I have posted before about the type of cylinder that you need to have on your door to prevent the use of a cylinder snapper. And it’s not expensive to protect yourself, either – about the same as a mid-range cylinder snapper, as it happens.
Protect your home and family. Call me on my direct number, 023 9266 0730.

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