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This is Qolsys.

I absolutely adore Qolsys.

You know how 10-15 years ago, when the first iPhones came out? Everybody said that they’d love to have one of those one day. And no, pretty much, we all do, even if some have Android rather than iPhone.

Well, this is the future of home security, of the alarm system. The future of protecting your family.

It does what you’d expect an alarm system to do.

It has movement sensors, including types which work outdoors.
It has door sensors – which of course you can put on windows. Or safes. Or catflaps.
It has glass-break detectors (in fact it has one of those built-in to the panel).

You can arm and disarm with your phone. Or with a keyfob. Or with a keypad.

But it also looks after your safety as well.
It has smoke detectors. It has carbon monoxide detectors. It has flood sensors that can tell if the boiler leaks, or the washing machine, or whatever you think is most vulnerable.

And it locks and unlocks your door – obviously you need a compatible door lock, but these are now widely available.

And adjusts your heating temperature – obviously you need a compatible thermostat, but these are now widely available.

And it controls your lights – obviously, you need compatible gizmos to do that, but guess what…..

And it lets you view camera feeds.

And lots of other things too, like motorised gates or garage doors.

Basically, if you want it controlled & automated, it’ll be able to do it (probably, I don’t want to say it will do absolutely anything, because my lawyer told me).

How about when it senses that you’re the last person to leave home? It can set the alarm, turn down the heating and make sure the hair-straighteners are switched off.

How about when it senses that you’ve just left work? It can turn the heating back up, so you come home to a nice, cosy, warm home.

How about when it senses that you’ve just arrived home? It can unlock the door and turn the hall lights on.

It can even give you the weather forecast.

Seriously, the list of things that we can program it to do is just mind-blowing.

And the really good thing is that it’s not stupidly expensive. We are definitely not talking Premier League footballer megabucks here.

Oh, I forgot, you can have a video doorbell too.

So, when the Amazon delivery arrives, you can unlock the door for him, watch him put the parcel inside and shut the door, and then relock it.

You know, I’ve probably forgotten a hundred more things.

So pop over to this webpage www.amberley-security.co.uk/smart-homes-qolsys and download the brochure.

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