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I hate how companies use the word “From” in their pricing. Like on those cruise adverts with Rob Brydon, where it says, prices from £699 per person.
Yeah. If you want to pay £699, you get a cabin next to the engine room, and you’re travelling in the middle of winter, with no chance of sun and every chance of gales, meaning you’ll be sick.
If you pay the “From” price, you’ll have a rubbish holiday, or to have a decent time, you’ll pay double the “From” price.
I wish the ASA would force advertisers to give a “Typical” price. Maybe the Mode average price would work. Something that give punters something realistic to work towards.
We’re shortly launching a Smart Lock package. Our “From” price would be £499.
But if you want it to work with Alexa or Google Home, you have to pay £599.
And the vast majority of people would need to upgrade their door lock for it to work seamlessly, and that will cost around another £200.
So we’re going to advertise it with a typical cost of £799.
And that will leave people happier that they’ve not been suckered into paying more than they thought.
Or, at least, I’ll think we’ve done the right thing.
Rant over.

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