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“I don’t have to worry about security. I’ve got nothing worth stealing. I don’t have a Rolex, or a diamond tiara, or an original Rembrandt. Nothing.”

If you think this, we really need to talk. I mean, REALLY need.

Do you not think jewelry, phones, iPads, games consoles, credit cards are worth stealing?

And when people stop and think, they realise that, of course, they are worth stealing, and that they, like most other people, do have something worth stealing. It’s just that those things that are actually worth stealing are so commonplace, you forget about them.

But burglars don’t.

They know what they’re looking for, and they know they can get it in the vast majority of homes in the UK. So they’ll target the house that looks easiest to get into.

And that’s what we need to talk about. You and me. Soon, actually.

I have a video series, where I go through all the areas you need to look at around your home, to make sure yours isn’t the easiest to get into.

Comment “BANISH THE BURGLARS” below, and I’ll message you the link.


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