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When you’re considering an alarm system or any other big purchase, like a holiday or a car or any kind of home improvement, the big question that you need to know is whether you can afford it, you need to know how much it’s going to cost. Today’s blog is going to try and address the question of cost of alarm system.
Now, please bear in mind that I wrote this in June, 2021. So if you’re reading this in five or six years, please don’t be surprised if the cost has gone up a little bit.

The factors which affect, an alarm system cost are twofold; whether you want good quality, in terms of the manufacturing build quality and the level of technology that’s used in it, whether it’s modern technology or slightly older technology; and also what you want your alarm system to do.

To address that first part first, the quality of the system, typically the more expensive alarm system, the better the quality.
You can get an alarm system from an online seller or one of the DIY multiple retail stores for £2-300. And if that’s what you’ve got the budget for, and you don’t feel it’s worthwhile spending any more than that, then fine. No problem. It’s a really important thing that you do something, it’s really important that you take steps to secure your home.
So if that’s, the budget that you’ve got then fine. Obviously a professionally installed system will cost you a little bit more, but typically the manufacturing quality is better and you’ll find that the technology used in the detectors is better & more up to date.

The other thing that affects the price of an alarm system is how many detectors you need for your house and what you want the system to do.
For instance, modern alarm systems can connect to an app on your phone. Obviously, a modern system, you would expect it to cost a little bit more, but it would have that extra feature.

Another newer feature of modern alarm systems is that you can add CCTV cameras. Of course, that again, will put the cost up.
For a relatively basic, but modern alarm system, professionally installed, something with a couple of movement sensors and a door sensor and the siren would cost around £700.
Now, if you wanted more detectors than that, then another movement sensor would be about another £80-90, a door sensor would be probably around £60-70.

If you wanted to go for a bit more up-market system, then you can have the mid range system which has got stills cameras built into the movement sensors. You would expect that system to set you back around about £1100. If you want to have more camera sensors, they’re around about £170-180.

And if you want it to go for an all singing, all dancing system with proper CCTV cameras, then that would start off at around £1400-1500. Further cameras are around about £150-170. More sensors would be the same as I mentioned earlier in the blog.
And I hope that answers that question, and as always if you need to know anything else, please just ask.

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