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People often ask how much, oh, how many detectives do people need in their homes? Uh, when it comes to an alarm system, you know, do they have a alarm in Everest or you have detector in every room? Do they just have one or two detectors? And like Viacom generalize too much. You’ve got to take each house, uh, as a specific case, but there’s a few kind of general rules that I.

Live bond. Whenever I’m looking at someone’s house to quote them from alarm system. Um, for me, it’s about risk. If a burglar breaks into a room or breaks into a house, they’ll come to a specific room first off. How likely is it that they’ll be satisfied with what they can find in that room without going to the rest of the house?

So if someone comes into say the bathroom window, Will they be contempt with staining your toothbrush in the toilet roll it’s unlikely offset. So the chances are that that burger will then go out onto the landing, uh, and look at some other rooms. So generally speaking, you want to put a detector in the bathroom?

Very rarely do. I recommend to people that they put a detector in every single room in the house. Uh, if someone breaks into the kitchen, Uh, downstairs again, will they be content with taking the toaster and the microwave again? So unlikely. They’re going to try and see what is of value in other rooms in the house.

Conversely, if they break into the lounge, um, and the could easily be contempt with the mobile phones, the laptops, the iPads, the games, consoles that kept in that room. Well, I think that’s a good hole. I’ve not set the alarm off yet. I’m going to leave now. Uh, so in that circumstance, yeah, definitely. I would recommend you put a detector in that room, um, upstairs as well.

Uh, the most, uh, bedroom might have a decent amount of jewelry and loose cash in it, and people might think we’re both of them might think, yeah, that’s good enough of not set the alarm off yet. I’m going now before, right? Do set the alarm off. Um, but if the master bedroom hasn’t got that kind of stuff in, then let’s not put a detector in that.

Uh, so it’s about measuring up which individual rooms are at risk. Now you could also say, well, no, one’s going to do, it’s not gonna be easy to break into an upper floor house, um, or sorry, on a per floor, window and upper floor room. Um, why bother putting any up there? When again, look at the individual house is the bedroom in question.

Uh, does it have a flat roof outside or a conservatory root for an extension or something like that? That’s easy to hop up onto a wheelie bin up onto the roof and, uh, and maybe into an open window. So don’t discount upstairs rooms as a point of entry. It can’t happen. It does happen an awful lot. Um, if you need any help by looking at your house, have a look at your house, see which rooms are vulnerable in your house.

If you need any help, give us a call.

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