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So Boris says, we can go on holiday from next Monday. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

So, I’m expecting that a lot of people went straight onto their computers last night, and booked up holidays, maybe for half-term, maybe for the summer.

And I’m expecting a rash of posts on social media, which say, “Yeah, booked myself a holiday for half-term” or something like that.

This is a really bad thing.

As soon, as your friends Like that, all their friends can see that they’ve liked it now. You don’t know who those friends are, they could be anybody, they could be burglars.

And you’ve just told the whole world that your house is going to be empty at half term.

It’s a relatively simple task to find out where you live based on the content that’s available on your social media & things like the Electoral Roll gives people’s addresses. So what you’re basically saying is “Come and burgle my house, it’s going to be empty that week.”

Don’t post on social media that you’ve booked your holiday.

Whilst you’re away, don’t post holiday photos because you’re still saying that your house is empty, please come and burgle it.

Wait until you get back and say “Just had a lovely half-term break. Here’s all my photos!” and that way burglars won’t know.

Stay safe!

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