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When buying an alarm system, is it the case that once you’ve bought the system, that’s it? Or can you add more devices as your needs change?

We’ll answer that question in this video.


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It’s funny, when I was thinking about the list of questions that I wanted to answer in this blog , the question relating to today’s post isn’t something I ever even considered would be a question to answer, and yet I keep being asked it.

So I’m going to answer it now.

And that question is, is it possible to add extra devices onto an alarm system once it’s been installed?

And the plain and simple answer to that question is yes. And that doesn’t just apply to the systems that we install. I don’t know of any system that you can’t add additional devices to once it’s been installed.

Obviously there are a maximum number of devices that you can have on a system. Each control panel has its maximum capacity, but I don’t know of any system where once it’s installed, that’s it, you can’t add anything else on.

And if you hear from an installer that says, no, that’s it, once you’ve got your system, that’s it, take that with a pinch of salt. It might be that they’re trying to pressurize you into buying things that you don’t know whether you want or not. If they do say that kind of thing, then have a look at the manufacturer’s website of the equipment that’s going to be installed. Ask that question of other installers of the same equipment.

Certainly with our manufacturer, Visonic, there is no problem adding additional devices onto a system once it’s been installed.

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