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Video doorbells are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason.

They allow people to see who’s at their front door wherever they are in the world (with a data signal to their phone), and to talk to them.

They record activity at the door, even when the doorbell itself hasn’t been pressed.

The downside with all the big names is that they insist upon a paid subscription to store and view footage.

Until we came across Myers.

This is a photo of the Myers doorbell we installed yesterday.

It comes with two mounting brackets, one flat, and one angled. We’ve installed this with the angled bracket in the corner between the wall and the front door. It’s battery-operated, and will send you an alert when the battery is low. To recharge, simply remove it from the casing (with the special screwdriver supplied), take it indoors, and plug it into a USB charging point — again the cable for this is supplied.

Initial set up is easy. The homeowner registers for a cloud account with Partizan, who own Myers. Then download the free Partizan app (which has won awards, it’s so easy to use) and add the camera. The phone or tablet displays a QR code which you show to the doorbell, and ping! it’s set up.

There is also an internal chime, which again plugs into a USB charger.

Your phone or tablet shows notifications when someone presses the doorbell and when movement is detected. You can adjust the sensitivity if you need to, and Myers also features human detection filtering, so it doesn’t send you a notification when nextdoor’s cat wanders past.

It really is that simple. And it’s inexpensive. We’re currently offering a Myers system, with chime, installed for £249.

Please get in contact if you’re interested.

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