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Controlling your Home or Office

The brains of the operation

Fibaro Home Center 2 is where it all happens. It communicates with all the sensors, all the devices, all the users’ mobile phones and even with Yahoo Weather, so it knows whether it’s sunny or raining, or snowing. It makes the decisions, handles all of the logic, and sends the commands.

It can handle up to 230 Z-Wave sensors and devices with its powerful 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor. It will update its own firmware, and backs up its programming onto a 4GB solid-state disc.

Programming is simple, using logical instructions – you can choose to do this yourself or have our friendly engineers program it for you.


Fibaro Home Center Lite

Fibaro Home Center Lite is a more compact version of the HC2.

It uses a smaller Cortex A8 processor to control your home in exactly the same manner at the HC2, in a smaller case. Like its bigger brother, it can communicate with 230 sensors and devices, and will connect to the family’s mobile phones via the internet.

All at a lower cost.