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CCTV – Installation and Servicing

Commercial CCTV technology has moved on leaps and bounds over the last few years, and you no longer need to have huge cameras in big white cases, with a couple of rather sinister-looking red lights to provide visible footage in the dark.

These days we provide small, discreet cameras, with LEDs to provide night-time surveillance facility, that look so much neater than those of yesteryear and give far greater picture quality.

So, if you’re unhappy with your current system, why not upgrade to full High Definition, utilising your existing cabling? Because we don’t have to renew the cabling infrastructure, the installation cost is relatively low, yet the difference in picture quality is astounding.

For new systems, you could opt for a digital IP-based system, using the same type of cabling as your computer network, for a fully digital system.

Either way, you will have the facility to stream live and recorded footage directly to your mobile, laptop or desk computer anywhere that you can receive internet data.


Commercial CCTV in Portsmouth

We can offer everything you need to secure your business property in one place.

Our commercial CCTV systems are a far cry from years ago when you would see massive cameras in big white housings and red lights emitting from them.

We offer a comprehensive installation and servicing service for all our commercial CCTV installs, covering Portsmouth and all the surrounding areas.

Video Analytics

As with any industry, technology in CCTV has made rapid advances, and there are now some very clever tricks that our systems can do for you.

Tripwire, or Line Crossing, sets a virtual line in the field of vision of a camera. If an object moves from one side of that line to another, it triggers a reaction. For instance, many retailers use this technology to monitor how many people enter their shops – the reaction that is triggered is to add another customer to the count. It’s also used to monitor boundaries – when an object crosses the line from the safe side to the secure side, an alarm is triggered.

Area Intrusion is similar, whereby we set up your system with a virtual box in the field of vision. When an object moves into the box, the reaction is triggered.,

Loitering Detection and Unattended Object Detection

These are very similar technologies, both detect when there has not been a change, or a significant change, within a defined area on screen, for a defined period of time. The former is primarily used to deter anti-social behaviour, whilst the latter can help with crime prevention.


Facial Recognition

Facial recognition allows a system to compare a face detected by the camera with a face in a database. This has myriad uses:-

  • Access Control – check that the face of a person attempting to use an access control fob matches that of the person to whom the fob was issued
  • Retail – detect the presence of known shoplifters
  • Sports – detect the presence of people with banning orders