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Proximity Access Security

Proximity Fob Systems


Any organisation that needs to keep track of its people, and allow them access through the right doors at the right times needs Net2.Combine keypads, proximity fobs and biometric fingerprint scanners in one system, if you need to, or just keep to the one technology – whatever works for you. Personnel records kept on file on the central computer allow administrators to change access rights, void lost fobs, validate new ones, change PINs simply and quickly, and the network transports those changes to the doors quickly.If network connections are lost, there’s no problem. Each controller will continue to use the last set of instructions received until the network is back up. We can install a dedicated network or use the building’s existing ethernet structure, and can even power the controllers using Power Over Ethernet technology.There are no annual software licences to pay for – just a one-off fee for the Professional software, and the Lite version is free, with upgrades being free forever.

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