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Mechanical & Battery Keypads

It wasn’t all that long ago that a digital door lock was a simple set of buttons, and a knob that is turned when you’ve punched in the right code. That was the pinnacle of technology. Yet clients’ demands change, and technology adapts and progresses to meet that demand.You want to have a key that will bypass the code? No problem. Is that old-fashioned knob too small for your needs? If so, then models operated by a full-size lever handle are now available.And whilst it’s fairly difficult to have mechanical locks accepting multiple codes, adding some electronic circuitry and a battery gives you that facility, as well as an audit trail facility to see who used their code recently.Easy to fit, this range of locks is great for any number of uses.

Fingerprint Scanners

The ievo fingerprint range stemmed from years of experience and extensive research from a team of professionals who have been at the sharp end of biometric deployment, installation and integration. This wealth of knowledge has been utilised to produce a range of biometric fingerprint readers, designed for ease of installation, use and understanding.

The ievo ultimate was designed from the outset as a third party reader, capable of seamlessly integrating into a large number of access control systems, including our favoured Paxton Net2. Boasting many unique features and benefits, the ievo ultimate uses multispectral imaging combined with an advanced world leading algorithm to keep your data accurate and secure.

Operational in a variety of harsh environments the ievo ultimate reader is the flagship fingerprint reader from ievo. With a standard template range of up to 10,000 fingerprints (larger capacity options are available), the ability to combat a vast majority of problem fingerprints and customisable options, the ultimate reader is suitable for any business in any industry, and since it is approved by the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure, it is suitable for use on UK Government projects.


Proximity Access Security

Any organisation that needs to keep track of its people, and allow them access through the right doors at the right times needs Net2.Combine keypads, proximity fobs and biometric fingerprint scanners in one system, if you need to, or just keep to the one technology – whatever works for you. Personnel records kept on file on the central computer allow administrators to change access rights, void lost fobs, validate new ones, change PINs simply and quickly, and the network transports those changes to the doors quickly.If network connections are lost, there’s no problem. Each controller will continue to use the last set of instructions received until the network is back up. We can install a dedicated network or use the building’s existing ethernet structure, and can even power the controllers using Power Over Ethernet technology.There are no annual software licences to pay for – just a one-off fee for the Professional software, and the Lite version is free, with upgrades being free forever.